Where to start !?!

This is the most common question which keeps floating in a wannabe hacker’s mind and they could never really start . My advice to such people is to learn the basics first. As I said there is no shortcut to almost anything. I bet, this would not take much time and also you would be confident in your steps.

What does an attacker do ?  It locates the target, gathers information about the target, finds where they are vulnerable and exploit their vulnerabilities. Similar is the process a hacker takes to hack  the victim. If you don’t have certain target, better try it on your LAN or pick the target randomly but be aware of legalities. Try not making financial profits as  you may,sometimes, land into machines which have confidential information or credit card details.

I prefer Nmap as the port scanner and information gathering tool. A brief tutorial on using nmap is presented in the next post.


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