Exploiting certain vulnerabilities in Windows xp (WITH EXAMPLE)

There are a lot of exploits for windows, linux, apache servers, specific services,  flaoting on the net, and a huge compilation of those is Metasploit, it is used for penetration testing. You can download it from         http://www.metasploit.com/

Gone are those days when people used windows 98 and millenium editions. Hacking them is always a piece of cake. Now most people use Windows xp with service packs and vista. Generally, it is hard to exploit a patched windows box, but here we will see how to hack an xp sp2 box. The exploit we will use is  Microsoft server service Relative path stack corruption.

Okay, let’s start from scratch. First of all you need is locate your target. I presume you know the IP address of your target  or pick an IP range, if you want just want to practice. Search for open port 445,135. You may use Nmap for this purpose or Angry IP scanner . Get it from  :


You can further find out the OS details using Nmap which narrows down your target since you need xp sp2 box.  Now configure metasploit for the exploit to take place:. I am presuming that you have installed metasploit successfully. If you have any problem pass it on as a comment. See this video :

If you are lucky you will get the shell .



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