Last post continued……..(..hack gmail on LAN, WLAN)

Since ARP poisoning can be carried out on a LAN, my assumption is that you are on LAN or WLAN. Now, you don’t need poisoning ARP in Wireless network  because in this case any communication is automatically forwarded to all its recipients. For carrying out ARP poisoning, you may use Arpspoof, Arpoison, Cain and Abel, and Ettercap. We posion the ARP so that all the network traffic on LAN (between the victim and gateway)  routes through our machine.

For demonstration and explanation, I will use a virtual OS ( Ubuntu) serving as guest and Windows XP (serving as host).  The traffic would obviously pass through my NIC since guest OS is also on my machine so I would not need to posion the ARP. But you can carry out ARP poisoning as demonstrated in this video by irongeek:

You need not do ARP poisoning on Wireless LAN.

Now, Next step is to sniff the traffic and capture the cookie in plain text. I used Wireshark for sniffing traffic. I am using a virtual OS as the guest and xp as host,as i said earlier, A video demonstration by me:


Hope you got it ! If not , post your questions.


11 thoughts on “Last post continued……..(..hack gmail on LAN, WLAN)

  1. hey i got a problem while doing… wireshark is asking me to set up interface… can u tell me what should i set uppp…and i am using wireless internet connection. Is there any problem with that……………………..

    1. Go to Capture->Interfaces
      there must be a list of adapters mentioned over there, besides your ethernet card there should be a wireless adapter mentioned , you can click the start button there.

  2. i tried dis on my lan
    i could see gx of some computers while some replied “secure connection failed” and users got disconnected from gmail.
    i used cain and wireshark

  3. i checked in their gmail settings and no option is selected out of following
    “always use https”
    “dnt always use https”

  4. wireshark msg- “duplicate use of detected” here it is victims ip and server ip
    and TCP out-of-order
    data retransmission

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