Wizmo #Recommendation

This one is good, really. A  small versatile program which turns off your monitor in a click or two. It does many other jobs but this one caught my attention.  Useful for laptops that don’t have a button to switch off just the monitor without bringing the computer to standby or hibernation. To turn your monitor back … More Wizmo #Recommendation

Email Tracing Facts

       Header files are monitored to extract the information about the sender, the route taken and certain other things. Now, every header file does not give you enough information, mostly in the case of web based mail programs like gmail and yahoo. But hotmail has the trend of attaching “ X- originating IP” … More Email Tracing Facts

Hack With Google

Reference: Google Hacking for Penetration Testers Google as a hacking tool is generally used by hackers to locate random vulnerable targets and then they hack it for fun etc.  There are a lot of webservers  that have old unpatched  Operating Systems running. Many websites are defaced using very simple techniques. So, it is of utmost … More Hack With Google